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Larry K2Share, LLC is a provider of information technology-based business solutions specializing in systems engineering and integration, managed services, and e-learning solutions.  We offer extensive capabilities in software design, on-site technical assistance, custom content creation, application management, and support services.

August 2000 was a time of great excitement and promise as we launched K2Share. It was the peak of the “dot-com” craze and companies were climbing over each other using one-upmanship strategies to launch new products and services in order to gain clients and market position.  Within just a few months, all  of  this  changed as the  bottom  began to fall out of the  marketplace and companies started to close down at an alarming pace.  The reality was that bad business models and poor customer relations cannot be overcome by money and advertising.

The founders of K2Share were exposed to challenges that could have easily turned into failures, but they worked with the same tenacity and perseverance that our team demonstrates today.  We started with a conservative business model and a focus on providing great service to our clients.  This approach not only allowed us to survive the tech industry downturn, but also led to establishing a profitable and growing company.  That same approach serves us today.


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