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Managed Services When your company needs to deploy new web-based business processes quickly and cost-effectively, K2Share Managed Services is the answer. K2Share provides a comprehensive set of managed services, ranging from basic application hosting to global deployments with on-site support. With K2Share Managed Services, you can leverage our IT infrastructure and support staff in order to reduce your time to market or boost customer satisfaction without the usual upfront costs—or the ongoing implementation and management headaches.

When you hand over the day-to-day technical management of your business applications to K2Share, you gain comprehensive application expertise and reliable IT infrastructure designed to keep your mission-critical operations running smoothly and dependably. We can deliver significant business benefits by helping you:

  • Improve time to market by relying on our expertise in designing, building, and running enterprise-wide IT applications
  • Reduce upfront project costs by buying services, rather than investing in expensive IT assets and hiring new personnel
  • Mitigate risk in an environment of rapidly changing technology and security issues
  • Reallocate your time, capital resources, and people to focus on business rather than IT

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Application Management
At K2Share, we understand that each client has unique business requirements that demand a unique solution.  More importantly, we understand the issues associated with managing complex, mission-critical web-based applications as demonstrated by our proven track record of success when it comes to hosting and managing applications for federal and state agencies; works that impacts the well-being and safety of millions of US citizens.  We will use this knowledge to work with you in building a solution that is designed to meet your unique requirements and the demands of your growing e-business.

In addition to providing you with a hosting solution for your web site or business application, K2Share can also provide a full line of complementary services. Whether it is IT infrastructure consulting and strategic planning, application design and content development, or application deployment and end user training; we will work with you to help your business become an effective e-business.

Support Desk – The Support Desk uses call tracking systems, knowledge tools, and scripting for problem resolution and to achieve high levels of user satisfaction.

Process Management – Our Human Capital Improvement (HCI) practices experts have established procedures for quick problem resolution, change management, and user management so that our IT staff members can efficiently and effectively handle Support Desk requests.

Systems Management – To keep our IT infrastructure running reliably, we proactively monitor and investigate each event through root cause analysis and After Action Reports (AAR).  In addition to the dedicated IT support teams assigned to manage our IT systems, we have an IT Governance Board composed of internal and external resources to continually review, monitor, and provide direction to our IT staff on matters associated with network and application security, software distribution, inventory management, remote control capability, user administration, web server management, performance management, capacity planning, and storage management.

Network Management – We continuously monitor all network traffic and infrastructure in order to maintain a high level of network accessibility. This enables quick responses to network outages through automatic monitoring and notification of LAN/WAN traffic, voice, video, data, and imaging status.

Application Management – In order to ensure that your application is performing as designed, we establish specific monitoring, control, backup, and log file maintenance plans based on your application performance requirements. Our performance monitoring includes the development of metrics to measure customer satisfaction, system performance, financial trends, and operational compliance. As part of our continuous improvement process, we leverage our HCI expertise in corporate learning and training to build a shared expertise of IT workflows, process, procedures, and tools.

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Application Management Benefits
When you select K2Share to host and manage your application, our proven IT expertise helps attain your business’s vision. This value-added approach to service delivery offers increased benefits to you and your customers. Including:

  • Reduced costs
  • Improved application reliability and accessibility
  • Increased user support services
  • Continuous process and performance improvement
  • Reduced time to application deployment
  • Greater end user satisfaction

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Support Desk
K2Share Support Desk personnel have experience in supporting a wide range of custom web applications, operating systems, and desktop configurations. The Support Desk currently assists federal, state, educational, and commercial clients by providing Tier 1 through Tier 3 levels of support.  We continually upgrade our Support Desk team's knowledge of new applications, technology, and problem resolution skills by investing in ongoing training. This commitment to training and K2Share's learning culture has produced one of the best retention rates in the industry. The ability to retain experienced, well-trained personnel, who become familiar with our clients’ systems, people and business, creates consistent, high-quality application support.

The Support Desk handles everything from assisting users with log on and internet access issues to resolving software and hardware failures. With each new client, K2Share establishes specific Service Level Agreements (SLA) tailored that client's business. These SLAs define what services are provided, the level of service, and escalation procedures. Calls for each client are tracked and reported against these SLAs. The customer-specific results are reviewed on an ongoing basis by a dedicated account manager and the client to assess how continuous improvement in service can be achieved.

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