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Preceptor Preceptor is a web-based, distributed course delivery application that enables the eligible learner to take and interact with web-based training (WBT) courses and enroll in instructor-led training (ILT). It supports free or fee-based access by eligible students, tracks enrollment, un-enrollment, progress, and completion data of system users. Preceptor is highly scalable—suitable for a single department or for an entire enterprise—and its user-friendly features allow for a fast learning curve, for both administrators and other users.

Offered as both an installed and hosted solution, a perpetual Preceptor license can be bought, regardless of the organization's size or usage. This one-time pricing allows for continual use, without a monthly fee. Additionally, we can offer Preceptor as a learning management service (LMS) where K2Share hosts, maintains and provides self-service and on-demand user support.

For administrators, Preceptor's User Manager provides flexible assignment of differing permissions to individuals based on need and customizable features include learning content management and a digital content library. Administrators can also create randomized course question and test banks, and pre- and post-tests, allowing for truly effective and challenging knowledge testing. Additionally, Preceptor supports course evaluations, including evaluation data goals, activities, delivery system, and attainment of the competencies, for each activity. Preceptor accommodates a flexible development and delivery process, even allowing the user to create content on the fly.

Preceptor can easily integrate with other systems, such as Business Objects® Crystal Reports®, and legacy human resource systems, such as PeopleSoft®. Preceptor supports AICC/SCORM-compliant courses, as well as courses built with standard Internet tools. This allows use of SCORM-compliant content from multiple sources, making it easy to manage, organize, and reuse content from multiple content vendors, and legacy content.

To help maximize LMS dollars, Preceptor collects and stores learner progress, assessment and course evaluation information. Furthermore, custom and standard reports can be created to give administrators a snapshot of the course data at any time. Reports, in conjunction with the ability to capture seat times and to view the number of student attempts, gives administrators a clear view of courses' effectiveness.

Preceptor supports e-commerce through online purchases of courses and modules that expedite the enrollment process and increase billing accuracy. Each of these tools ensures you get the best use of your training materials.



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