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K2Share Appoints Leader in Field of Learning and Development to Direct E-Learning Solutions
10 May 2005

COLLEGE STATION, TX—K2Share announced today that the responsibilities of Gary Williams, Director of Human Capital Improvement have been extended to include directing the E-Learning Solutions area of  K2Share operations.

Williams has 20 years of experience in business development and operations in the field of training & development. His experience at such companies as EDS, Singer and Hughes, Raytheon, and Corporate University XChange makes him a value to the field of E-Learning as he can provide first hand knowledge of training techniques that are effective. 

“Williams has a vast amount of experience in the Human Capital Improvement (HCI) arena,” K2Share President and CEO Larry Teverbaugh said. "We were looking for someone to add new value in our client services and his experience and knowledge made him the best fit.”

The K2Share E-Learning segment focuses on providing content and subject matter expertise for online training materials through K2Share's own Learning Management System (LMS), Preceptor™, and other market leading content delivery systems.  With Williams at the lead, K2Share plans to take its customers and partners to the forefront of training and development. 

“Our great E-Learning experience and technology platforms continue to be value-priced and easily adaptable by our clients,” Williams said.   “Through the strength of our talent, our client relationships, and our ability to move fast, we are positioned to accomplish great things in the next few years.”

K2Share, LLC is a provider of information technology-based business solutions specializing in Systems Engineering and Integration, Managed Services, and E-Learning solutions.  We offer extensive capabilities in software design, onsite technical assistance, custom content creation, application management, and support services. For more information on K2Share please visit

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