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Texas Selects K2Share SPARS to Manage Its DHS Data 

28 December 2005

COLLEGE STATION, TX – The Texas Department of Public Safety and the Governor’s Division of Emergency Management (GDEM) have selected K2Share’s State Preparedness Assessment and Reporting Service (SPARS) to manage and maintain all of their required grant monitoring, readiness evaluation and bi-annual reporting to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).  


SPARS is an electronic grant management system (EGMS) that   provides the GDEM’s State Administrator Agency (SAA) Division with a web-based toolkit that is secure and accessible from anywhere with a standard web browser connected to the internet.  


“With over 1,700 jurisdictions, three UASI areas, three federally recognized Native American tribes and over 1,400 sub-grantees, the Texas SAA needed a way to manage all of its data in real-time and as conveniently and effectively as possible,” SPARS Program Manager Fred Seals said.


Through use of the SPARS application, the Texas SAA has more time to review and evaluate the grant process while spending less manpower on collecting data and preparing reports, Seals added.  


The K2Share SPARS solution is a web-based service that provides the Texas SAA service to all 1,400 sub-grantees in their state, update and upgrades to the software, and a toll-free help desk available to the state and local users.


The Governor’s Division of Emergency Management SAA Section administers a number of different US Department of Homeland Security grant programs to enhance state, regional, and local homeland security. Homeland security grant funding is provided to cities, counties, regional authorities, state agencies, and other authorized entities for terrorism detection and prevention programs, and terrorism and natural disaster preparedness activities. The SAA section includes a Grant Operations Unit, an Audit & Compliance Unit, and a Business Operations Unit.


K2Share, a trusted partner of the DHS Office for Grants and Training, provides technical assistance and support tools to the state and local governments across 56 states and territories.   K2Share offers innovative services, including SPARS-a DHS Grant Management and Reporting Tool, Security Consulting Services, Web-based Application Operation and Maintenance, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Services, Mobile Data Collection Systems and Classrooms, Information Systems Engineering and Integration, Cyber-Security Training, Learning Management Solutions, and Help Desk Services.   K2Share is a GSA Contract Holder.

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