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K2Share Honored to Continue National Youth Safety Initiative with the Purchase of the CareerSafe Online Program 

30 January 2006

COLLEGE STATION, TX— Every five days, one teen is killed on the job and every year over 200,000 teens are injured at work. In an effort to bring these numbers down, the CareerSafe Online Program was developed as part of a national youth safety initiative to educate and promote youth safety in the workplace through an easy and affordable online safety training course.

The CareerSafe Online Program, developed in 2003 by K2Share LLC for the Texas Engineering Extension Service (TEEX) to help meet the demand of educating youth workers on safety standards, was purchased this week by K2Share.  


TEEX and K2Share have partnered over the last three years to promote the CareerSafe Online Program at a national level.    As TEEX continues to grow and build other safety training courses, K2Share will be entrusted to reach youth workers across the nation and help make a positive difference in their lives.


“K2Share is honored to be able to continue to support the CareerSafe Online Program,” K2Share President and CEO Larry Teverbaugh said. “The number of young workers killed or injured each year in the United States is unacceptable in today’s technological society where safety education can be provided with the click of a mouse.”


“It has been a dream of mine, since the inception of this company to provide a program to educate youth on safety,” Teverbaugh said. “There is nothing more personally rewarding than helping to educate and protect the future leaders of this country.”


As of January 15, 2006, the CareerSafe Online Program had reached over 50,000 youth workers and students throughout the nation.    The goal of the CareerSafe Online Program is to teach younger workers how to stay safe in the workplace and begin to prepare these young men and women for a safe and prosperous future in their chosen career. By providing entry-level workers, particularly high school and college students, with fundamental safety knowledge needed in the workplace, this program brings the significance of safety to the forefront. Additionally, it seeks to challenge society to affirm the value of life by joining efforts to reduce the workplace injuries and fatalities suffered by this at risk working population. For more information about the CareerSafe Online program please visit .


“We are excited about the limitless opportunities that come with a program of this magnitude and integrity,” CareerSafe Online Program Manager Andrea Foster said. “We hope to continue to promote online s afety training to youths across the nation and eventually countries worldwide.”  


K2Share, LLC is a provider of information technology-based business solutions specializing in Systems Engineering and Integration, Managed Services, and E-Learning solutions.   We offer extensive capabilities in software design, onsite technical assistance, custom content creation, application management, and support services. For more information on K2Share please visit .   

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