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K2Share Aligns with IT Logistics

19 May 2006

COLLEGE STATION, TX – During a presentation held today at K2Share’s College Station headquarters, Dr. Larry Teverbaugh, CEO and President, announced a new focus for the Texas-based firm.

“Every young organization must continue to re-evaluate its focus and mission,” stated Teverbaugh. “We have listened to our clients and identified the services in which we excel. Starting today, K2Share will align to its strength, IT Logistics.”

Teverbaugh outlined a plan to slim product offerings and align the organization with its new focus on Information Technology Logistics, which the CEO defined as three main services: IT Operations & Maintenance, IT Security, and IT Support. K2Share currently provides these services to a number of Federal and State agencies, as well as education institutions and corporations.

“If we focus on those services that are not just capabilities, but core competencies, we can push ourselves to do more and continue to grow.” Teverbaugh continued, “Our people are our product and we have an outstanding product. I know the people in this company make a difference every day.”

Continuing with the company’s commitment to “Make a Difference,” Teverbaugh spoke of his recent visit to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Office of Grants and Training in Washington, DC, where he said the client spoke of K2Share’s fine people, commitment to service, and quality product. He also stated that the company continues to build strong partnerships with small, medium, and large companies to ensure K2Share’s clients get the best total solution.

Teverbaugh concluded, “K2Share’s success and the success of each and every one of you will not be judged solely on our financial performance, but on whether or not we make a difference for our clients and each other.”


K2Share, LLC is a privately held company established in 2000 and headquartered in College Station, TX. Awarded one of the “50 Best Companies to Work for in Texas 2006” K2Share has employees in three states. Serving Federal and State agencies, education institutions, and corporations with work conducted in all 56 U.S states and territories, K2Share provides information technology services, including enterprise hosting, application management, information assurance, help desk, e-learning, and on-site technical assistance.

For more information about the company, or to find out how K2Share will make a difference in your organization, please call 979-260-0030 or visit

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