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SPARS Administered More than $1.5B in DHS Grants


26 June 2009


COLLEGE STATION, TX – K2Share, LLC announced today that its electronic grant management system (eGMS) has passed the $1.5 billion mark in support of Department of Homeland Security (DHS) grant funds.   K2Share’s State Preparedness Assessment and Reporting Service (SPARS) provides states and the other Homeland Security State Administrative Agencies (SAAs) with the capability to manage grants and other resources using a turnkey eGMS solution offered as a service.

“SPARS continues to prove that it is an effective and efficient system for managing a wide variety of DHS grant types,” stated Freddie Seals, SPARS Product Manager.   “The service provides enterprise-level workflows which allow for real-time progress tracking from the local, regional, and state level.   The automated workflows have resulted in improvements in communication and grant processing enabling grant managers to focus more time on readiness and response and less time on data collection and federal reporting,” declared Mr. Seals.



SPARS was developed to meet the needs of state agencies charged with grant monitoring, readiness evaluation, and bi-annual reporting to DHS. SPARS provides a web-based toolkit, tailored to each state’s organization, workflow, and specific reporting needs, providing state administrators with full visibility to the allocation and expenditure of grant funds in real-time from the state, regional, or jurisdictional level. More than meeting the DHS reporting requirements, SPARS:

  • Automates the grant application process allowing for the submittal, review, and approval of jurisdictional projects and expenditures through a web-accessible system.
  • Enforces grant application rules ensuring compliance by all sub-grantees with requirements and purchasing guidelines set by the state and DHS.
  • Performs equipment procurement tracking and backend data entry logging providing a clear and concise audit trail available to system administrators at any time.
  • Provides a secure means for collecting first responder readiness assessment data at the jurisdiction, region, and state levels.
  • Presents real-time reports on your state’s progress in meeting state goals, objectives, and projects.
  • Enables administrators, through the Grant Adjustment Notice, to automatically move grant funds from one jurisdiction to another.
  • Seamless M&A tracking that adheres to G&T rules.

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